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Acacia Honey Qualities

 Acacia Honey

 Acacia honey is quite a unique honey. It is one of the brightest ones that exist. When liquid, acacia honey is almost transparent but once it crystallizes, it becomes white or very pale yellow in color. It characterizes with slow crystallization which can take months thanks to high amount of fructose. 

Acacia honey is one of the sweetest honeys in the world, thanks to high quantity of sucrose which in freshly extracted honey, reaches between 7% and 10%. However, the longer the honey is stored the less sucrose there is in it.

The smell is gentler, slightly bland with a subtle acacia fragrance. Acacia honey is very sweet, exquisite and somewhat sour. Thanks to that and the consistency, once crystallized – it is often used as a sweetener instead of refined sugar.

Acacia raw honey health benefit qualities:

  1. Digestive problems.
    Acacia honey active enzymes improve stomach and duodenum mucous membrane (lining) regeneration. In addition, this type of honey has anti acidic properties therefore it is commonly used as part of natural treatment in peptic ulcer disease.
  1. Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus.
    Acacia honey is recommended in non-advanced, Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus because it contain high quantities of fructose which is readily absorbed by your body. Keep in mind that freshly extracted acacia honey contains a lot, as for honey, sucrose which is carbohydrate and should be avoided in that disease. I would recommend using honey stored for at least 6 months or buckwheat honey
  1. Liver detox.
    Again, high quantity of easily absorbed fructose and glucose, that revitalizes your liver. 
  1. Kidney and urinary system issues.
    It is said that acacia honey has diuretic qualities which is desired effect in urinary and kidney problems. This honey also has low protein quantity compare to other honeys. Beware though. If you suffer from bacterial urinary tract infection, do stay away from any carbohydrates, because most bacteria feed on it!
  1. Skin diseases.
    Some authors claim, that acacia honey improves wounds healing time, when applied on skin. They recommend diluting honey before applying. 
  1. Pulmonary infections.
    It is also said that pulmonary diseases sufferers benefit from acacia honey.

Unfortunately, you cannot have all possible benefits just from one type of honey. Acacia honey has quite low antibiotic parameters. It has been established that this honey scores between 1 and 2 on scale from 0 – 5 when it comes to suppressing bacteria’s growth. 

And once again – please bear in mind that if you are planning to use any kind of treatment, including honey therapy, consult your doctor first. As with any treatment you might be underlying conditions and your physician will be able to advise what would be the best treatment, as each body is different.

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2 Responses to “Acacia Honey Qualities”

  1. Sarpreet Karnwal 16 May, 2014 at 10:08 #

    My daughter is suffering from vitiligo. Can I give her this honey?

    • Krystian 17 May, 2014 at 22:17 #

      Hi Sarpreet and welcome to Slavic Apiary blog,

      The cause of vitiligo is so far unknown therefore I am not able to give you the definite answer.
      What I would do is I would go to see a doctor first and ask if there are any reasons why your daughter should not eat honey in general. If there is nothing I would start with a tea spoon of honey to see if the condition is getting worse. If not I would increase the amount but would still monitor skin.

      Please be aware that honey should not be given the children under age of one because of the risk of infant botulism.

      I hope that helps.

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